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Support, Protect and Celebrate the Mother Infant Relationship.

"Skin to Skin Contact and Breastfeeding begin the healing process for both mother and baby.  With each suckle at the breast, the mother gains confidence in extending her nourishment and care for her baby beyond the womb.  By focusing on responding to our body's and our baby's expectations, we support the transition into mothering as well as the transition of the baby to the outside world a little easier by creating a safe place that provides warmth, comfort, and food."

- Mama Bird -

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My Approach

Prevention is Key.

Ongoing support from a kind and skilled educator empowers families to get off to the best start.  My purpose is to provide families with honest and accurate evidence-based information, have the ability to assist with physical and emotional needs and to be a reliable resource in the community.  I offer continuous support and look after the mother and infant pair to ensure their overall health and well-being during pregnancy, birth and throughout the postpartum period.


Check out the latest artwork and exhibitions by

Madison Hendry, Owner of Mama Bird.   Her studio practice is based on her lived experience as a mother.  Recreating memories is cathartic and a part of the healing process.


The Cleveland Kangaroula Collective is a group of professionals working directly with moms and babies to provide evidence based information and continuous support throughout the perinatal period.

"Madison was absolutely wonderful.  She gave my husband and I the confidence that we would be able to breastfeed.  We had our doubts since our baby has been feeding with bottles for his first month, using a pacifier, and is a preemie, but she's given us encouragement and hope.  She even got him to latch and gave me many resources to use to continue our breastfeeding journey."

One Week Follow-Up

"I just wanted to thank you for your encouragement one more time.  He hasn't had a bottle in three days... just breastfeeding!"

- Mom, Bay Village -

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