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Mama Bird is dedicated to providing ongoing birth, breastfeeding and mothering support to families by providing FREE support groups to our community!  If you would like to contribute to Mama Bird's efforts in supporting breastfeeding families, please consider making a direct donation!  

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*NEW Group*

Holistic High-Risk Support Group

1st & 3rd Monday's 8 - 9pm via Zoom

***Groups Resume Fall 2023***

For One-on-One Support,  please e-mail Registered Kangaroula:

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A FREE bi-monthly group for High Risk Pregnancy and NICU Mothers Past and Present to prepare for birth, breastfeeding and caregiving.


  • Mothers have the opportunity to share their High Risk Pregnancy and/or NICU experiences and stories.

  • Mothers have access to holistic and evidence based information surrounding pregnancy, birth, lactation and postpartum support in an atmosphere full of trust and respect from birth/lactation professionals who are also Past NICU mothers.

  • Mothers can help create their professional support team such as choosing a High Risk OB, midwifery co-care, birth doula and Kangaroula support, place of birth and creating a birth plan that respects their wishes even in a high-risk situation.

  • Mothers have access to resources within the community that will help them reach their birth, breastfeeding and mothering goals, especially during the NICU and after discharge.


Facilitated by:  The Cleveland Kangaroula Collective

All Groups are facilitated by Registered Kangaroulas;

Advanced Doulas in Kangaroo Mother Care (skin to skin contact)

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Summer 2023 Pop-Up Groups!!!

Join the group to get exclusive access!


*Virtual Groups Back Fall 2023* 

1st & 3rd Wednesday's 

8-9PM via Zoom

$10 Suggested Donation Welcome


A FREE  bi-monthly group for expecting, new, and experienced mothers to share, listen and gain evidence based information throughout their transition into motherhood about birth breastfeeding and everything in between!  This group is facilitated by Mama Bird Hendry, Certified Breastfeeding Educator & Doula.


  • Mothers have the opportunity to share experiences and stories.

  • Mothers are exposed to accurate, evidence based information in preparation for birth and breastfeeding journey.

  • Mothers have access to birth & breastfeeding support in an informal atmosphere full of trust and respect.

  • Mothers have access to resources within the community that will help them reach their birth & breastfeeding goals.

  • Monthly topics, guest speakers, giveaways and much more!

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Disclosure:  All information on and Mama Bird Services, including virtual support groups are for educational purposes only.  It is not medical advice.  Always contact your professional healthcare provider with any medical related issues.

Private Policy:  Mama Bird only uses your information for educational purposes and to improve on support services in the future!  Mama Bird does not share any of your information collected on this form.

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