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Stay Home Gallery Paris, TN
April - June, 2023

“In Together/Alone, the paradox of emotions between “never alone” and “very lonely” felt by caregivers is given the spotlight. The societal devaluing of care-work places the responsibilities of care (and self-care) on individuals. Without structural support, a tension can arise between love and devotion, and resentment or anxiety— the need for alone time, and the need for togetherness.”

Curated by: Tara Carpenter Estrada
Installation help: Delenna Terry

Featured Artists: Melissa Murray, Kathryn Rodrigues, Pearlyn Tan, Hannah Foster, Seana Higgins, gwen charles, Sarah Anne Wilson, Sarah Shotts, Bess French, Abby Sherrill, Niki Kriese, Katie Cercone, Maddie Casagranda, Madison Hendry, Megan L Shope, Emily Hawkins, Chloe Irla, Carla E Reyes, Anna Shukeylo, Gali Katz, Kate Windley, Megan Arné, Tori Tasch, Elizabeth Tomasetti

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Mother Art Prize 2020
Cromwell Place Gallery, London.
October 5 - 30, 2020

Madison Hendry was selected for the group exhibition, Mother Art Prize 2020!

Procreate Project is thrilled to present a group exhibition featuring 19 short-listed artists of the Mother Art Prize 2020, the only international prize for self-identifying women and non-binary visual artists with caring responsibilities. 

Established and curated by Procreate Project, this prize’s edition puts together the most exciting leaders and organizations working to tackle the gender bias and intersectional issues in the art scene. 

Featuring artists that work across a range of media, the works were selected among 626 entries from 45 countries and judged by Niamh Coghlan (Director, Richard Saltoun Gallery), Pauline Desouza (Director, Diversity Art Forum), Elvira Dyangani Tse (Director, The Showroom), Eva Langret (Artistic Director, Frieze London), Claire Mander (Chair of Steering Committee UK Friends, National Museum of Women in the Arts and Director, the CoLAB) and Frances Morris (Director, Tate Modern).

Mother Art Prize 2020 (2).jpg
womb project
Time-Based Sculpture and Documentation
Pink Yarn, Crochet Hook, 12 frame Color Print.
May 2013 - January 2014.
Artist Statement

This 9 month long documentation explores the physical changes artist, Madison Hendry experienced throughout her first pregnancy. By crocheting around herself during this period, she creates a "womb-like" soft sculpture, which protects and comforts her, just as her womb protects and comforts her growing baby.  Madison utilizes the repetitive and meditative process of crocheting to reflect on her pregnancy.  As her baby continues to grow and begins to manipulate her body, it is apparent that the sculpture is doing the same. The more the baby grows, the more difficult it becomes for the artist to continue creating her work. However, it is inevitable that she continues. This is catharsis. At last, when the sculpture is complete, it is then deconstructed by the artist to reveal the greatest work of art; her baby.

Solo Exhibition; a part of Unperceived Existence
Curated by Laura Bradshaw-Heap
August 28-september 3, 2018.
Curator's Notes
mother infant curator.jpg
Artist Statement

To be a mother, one must let go of any preconceived notions. 


To surrender control of the process to someone else to determine the final outcome; in turn, compromising the vision of the completed product. This work mirrors the experience the artist endured throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum period with her son leaving her womb too soon and too sick for her to care for alone. Letting go of any expectations and control of her son created anxiety and doubt. To hand over control to someone else, to accept being without her child, without knowledge of the care and nurturing that occurs when mother and infant are near.

To receive updates of the health and well-being of her child and having to visualize his existence.

To be a mother and give so much to nurture your children without recognition.

To be a mother and to give yourself value for mothering your children.

As a mother who could not physically be with her child- to know that value.

For work that is unseen- to know there is value.

The Process
The Exhibition
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