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Prepare for life directly after birth with one of our Kangaroulas!

Our Registered Kangaroulas have advanced doula training in skin to skin contact (Kangaroo Mother Care).

Below are ways in which our Kangaroulas can support you throughout your transition into motherhood:

Kangaroula Prenatal Virtual Consultations

30 and 60 min. Phone and Video Consultations are Available   

Inquire HERE

  • evidence based information on protecting the mother infant relationship and skin to skin care.

  • be empowered as new parents to read your baby’s signals and respond to your baby's needs.

  • help babies calm down and protect your baby’s brain development

  • advocate for you and your baby throughout the early postpartum period

Kangaroula Birth Doulas Packages

Looking for a Birth Doula with advanced training in Kangaroo Mother Care?!

We will connect you with a Birth Doula who is also trained as a Kangaroula!

Inquire HERE

Kangaroula Postpartum Visits

In-Home Postpartum Kanagaroula Care is available for 1 - 8 hour Mother Infant Care

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  • supporting and protecting the breastfeeding relationship

  • never leaving the new mother's side with continuous support

  • having the ability to assist with breastfeeding and mother infant care

  • advocates for you and your baby throughout the early postpartum period

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