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NICU Family Scholarship

Provide NO COST In-Home/Hospital Breastfeeding Support  from Mama Bird to a NICU Family!

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The Mama Bird NICU Scholarship is available for 2024!


As a NICU mother, I personally know how important it is to have consistent support throughout the NICU Journey.  NICU families have many extra expenses.  Let's work together to give these tiny babies the best start possible!  I have dedicated myself to provide professional support throughout the NICU journey from a mother who has been there!  Premature infants are more vulnerable and need their mother's touch and milk to thrive.  If you or someone you know had a premature baby and going through this experience, please send them my way!


ALL DONATIONS go directly towards the "Mama Bird NICU Scholarship." 

Mama Bird will provide the following services at NO COST to a current NICU family.

  • One Private 1hr NICU Visit with Lactation & Breastfeeding Support

  • Unlimited communication via call, text, e-mail, video chat

  • Evidence Based Educational Material

Thank you and please spread the word!  Every mother infant dyad deserves the best possible start.

Please Read this Letter from a "Mama Bird NICU Family Scholarship" Mother:

"Letter to 'Mama Bird'"

*Note* Mama Bird is not a Non-Profit, however, the funds contributed to this scholarship go 100% directly to NICU Families and for Mama Bird to be able to provide services to these families including but not limited to: transportation for visits, printed materials for families, research, child care, etc.

"Mama Bird NICU Scholarship" Opportunity for NICU Families:

This Scholarship is available for EVERY Family in the Cleveland area (1 hour radius) if you meet the following requirements:

  • You are on bed rest and and do not have access to a breastfeeding class or

  • Your baby is currently in the NICU and you need breastfeeding support or

  • Your baby has recently been discharged from the hospital after the NICU and you need in-home breastfeeding support.

To be considered for the "Mama Bird NICU Scholarship", please fill out this form and

I (Madison Hendry, Owner of Mama Bird) will contact you as soon as possible.  Funds are limited, so the more donations, the more families I can work with.  Please let your family and friends know about this special opportunity to help the next family in need of support! <3 Madison 

Thanks! Message sent.

A big THANK YOU to the following Cleveland Birth Worker Community and Businesses for contributing to the "Mama Bird NICU Scholarship" to make this program possible to continue:

2019 Bus. Contributors NICU.jpg

Also to the following Individuals:

Tessa Loos, Shaye Mullen, Joylnn Radin, Cynthia Muni, The Young Family, Stephanie Clark, Brittany Clark, The Bevins Family, The McConkey Family, Sage Litsky, Jacklyn Bartkowski, Lindsey Lewis, Lenaia Kramer, Tiffany Fischbach.

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