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Why Take an Outside-of-Hospital Class?!

Welcome! I'm so happy you found Mama Bird classes!

My name is Madison Hendry and I am the owner of Mama Bird.  I am a Certified Breastfeeding Educator BEC(BAI), Certified Birth Doula CD(BWI) and Certified Kangaroula Doula in Kangaroo Mother Care (BWI).  I have been teaching classes on physiological birth, breastfeeding and mother infant care for over 6 years and have supported hundreds of families throughout their transition into parenting.

All of my classes are based on the biological needs and expectations of babies and mothers, NOT based on Hospital Protocol.  Mama Bird teaches with the most up-to-date evidence based research from the World Health Organization (WHO) and world renowned researchers.  Most of all, listening to and observing families in their physical, mental and emotional biological needs throughout the perinatal period are the foundation of my classes.  


Below, you will see a variety of small group and private classes and workshops geared towards expecting parents, new parents and professionals working directly with moms and babies.


It is an honor to teach these classes and I hope you gain the knowledge, confidence and evidence based information to help you in your own journey!

*NOTE* Exciting News for Summer 2022!!!!

Mama Bird is opening her new Home Studio!  This Studio Space will be dedicated to our birth Community - offering classes, workshops and events for families, birth workers and perinatal professionals!  Stay Tuned!

2023 Class Schedule

For Expecting and New Parents:

Prenatal Breastfeeding & 4th Trimester Classes


Tuesday  May 2             6-8pm  The Womb Wellness Center, Solon

Tuesday  August 15      6-8pm  The Womb Wellness Center, Solon

Tuesday  October 3      6-8pm  The Womb Wellness Center, Solon

Tuesday  Dec. 12           6-8pm  The Womb Wellness Center, Solon

Register HERE

For Professionals:

BreastfeedingWorks! Professionals Breastfeeding Workshop

Virtual Workshop (7hrs)

November 14 (6-9pm), 15th (8-9pm) and 21st (6-9pm)

Register HERE

Classes For Professionals!

*NOVEMBER 2023 Registration Open!!!*


A BirthWorks! Breastfeeding Workshop for Professionals

November 14, 15, & 21st

*3 Day Workshop-

November 14, 2023      6pm-9pm (workshop)

November 15th, 2023   8pm-9pm (breastfeeding support group observation)

November 21st, 2023   6pm-9pm (workshop).  

Virtual via Zoom


Mama Bird is Partnering with BirthWorks! International

This Workshop is geared towards professionals working directly with birthing families:  OBs, Midwives, Doulas, Mental Health Therapists, Nutritionists, Nurses, Professors, Pediatricians  - if you work with birthing families, this workshop is for you!

Mama Bird takes a deep dive in supporting birthing families through providing evidence based lactation & breastfeeding care to protect, support and celebrate the mother infant dyad. 

You will gain:

  • How Birthing Practices affect Breastfeeding

  • Society & Breastfeeding

  • Why is Breastfeeding Important

  • Why our Breastfeeding Rates are where they are

  • Breast Anatomy 

  • How Milk is Made & Maintained

  • How to get breastfeeding off to the best start

  • Breastfeeding & Sleep

  • Breastfeeding & The NICU

  • Becoming a Breastfeeding Advocate

Let's Improve your Birth and Breastfeeding Outcomes for your practice!

Class Instructor: Madison Hendry

Time: 6 Hour Visual Workshop (plus 1 hr Breastfeeding Support Group)

Investment: $150 early bird, $200 regular price

Who is this Workshop for?!

Any Professional working with birthing families (dr., nurse, midwife, NICU, yoga instructor, chiropractor, doula, birth worker, therapist)

When to take this class?

This is an entry level lactation & breastfeeding workshop open to students or already working with birthing families!

Continuing Education? CEUs Available!

Register: BreastfeedingWorks! A BirthWorks! Breastfeeding Workshop for Professionals!

Mama Bird Mentorship​ For Professionals!

Do you want to become a lactation professional or doula?  Do you currently work with birthing families and would like to gain breastfeeding knowledge to do what you do even better?!

Mama Bird Mentorship is an opportunity to chat with Madison Hendry one-on-one as you gain knowledge, experience and evidence based information surrounding birth, breastfeeding, infant sleep, and supporting the mother infant dyad.

Each 1hr session with Mama Bird either In-Person at your client/patient's home will help you chat through your own work with families and how you can better support them to reach their birth & breastfeeding goals!

This mentorship is ideal for aspiring lactation professionals, NICU professionals, birth workers, midwives and students focusing on maternal infant health.


Class Instructor: Madison Hendry

Time: 1 hr Sessions

Investment: $180/hr In-Person  $95/hr virtual 

When to take this class?  Anytime in your professional journey!

Where? In-Home Visits with your clients or via zoom

Register: E-Mail Mama Bird to Schedule!

Classes For Expecting & New Families!



Prenatal Breastfeeding & 4th Trimester Class

Class Description:

The transition into motherhood is one of the most profound experiences in a woman’s life.  Join us for an evening full of educating your mind, body, and most importantly, your heart.  Learn what your baby expects and how your body works to continue to nourish and care for your baby outside your womb.  This intimate, small group class opens up discussion for expecting families with hands on activities by physically going through the motions of caring for your baby in the early days of parenthood; giving moms (and their partners) the knowledge and confidence that will carry through their motherhood journey.

Class includes: Responding to your baby’s needs and hunger cues, understanding how your body makes and maintains milk, how to recognize when your baby is transferring milk, latch and positioning, weight gain & diaper output, maximizing rest, breastfeeding items, creating a safe and practical sleep space, taking time to heal and above all, enjoying your baby!

This class is instructed by Madison Hendry, Owner of ‘Mama Bird’ and Certified Breastfeeding Educator.  Madison’s works and teachings on motherhood have been published and exhibited internationally.  She received her Master’s Degree in Fine Art with a focus on women’s studies from Brooklyn College in 2011 and went on to become a Certified Breastfeeding Educator with Birth Arts International in 2017.  She is an Affiliate with Birth Arts Int., BirthWorks Int., Breastfeeding Inc., Ohio Breastfeeding Alliance, Artist Parent Index, and The Museum of Motherhood.  She is on the Advisory Board with non-profit organization, Project NICU and holds many community events to promote, support and celebrate breastfeeding in the Cleveland area.


All ‘Mama Bird’ classes and workshops are created and taught by Certified Breastfeeding Educator, Madison Hendry and provide the most recent evidence-based research, accurate information and follow the World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations and policies.

All information is for educational purposes only.  It is not medical advice.  Always contact your professional healthcare provider with any medical related issues.

Class Instructor: Madison Hendry

Time: 2 hour Class

Investment: $75

When to take this class?

Ideal to take this class during your 2nd trimester, but anytime during pregnancy is wonderful.

Register: Click the date above that works best for you!

Private Breastfeeding Class

Mama Bird can come to you!

If you would like a private session to discuss your birth preferences, gain breastfeeding education and help prepare your home for postpartum, book a Private In-Home session with Mama Bird during pregnancy.

All information in my group class will be covered during this consult.

Class Instructor: Madison Hendry

Time: 2 hour Class

Investment: Virtual Private Class - $180  In Home Private Class - $250

When to take this class?

Ideal to take this class during your 2nd trimester, but anytime during pregnancy is wonderful.

Register: E-Mail Mama Bird to Schedule!

Hand Expression Class

Class Instructor: Madison Hendry

Time: 30 min.

Investment: Virtual Private Session - $55  In Home Private Class - $180 (1hr)

When to take this class?

37 weeks gestation - anytime postpartum

Register: E-Mail Mama Bird to Schedule!

Class Description:

In this private session, Mama Bird Hendry will demonstrate hand expression, help moms with technique, relaxation tools, milk storage and applying hand expression to daily life.  This is perfect for the end of pregnancy, in the early days, or preparing to return to work.
Please: wash your hands before, bring a clean small bowl and/or collection container.

Hand Expression is helpful for:

  • Breast Engorgement

  • Times of Separation 

  • Increasing Milk Supply

  • Gently Removing Milk

  • Clogged Milk Ducts

  • Convenience

  • NO need for an Outlet

  • Removing more Milk with Pumping

  • Relaxation​

Want to learn more?
Mama Bird will contact you!

What Moms are saying about Mama Bird's Classes:
"Mama Bird made me feel more relaxed about breast feeding. Up until that point I felt I had only heard negative experiences about breast feeding from others. She presented all the information in a very relaxed way and I now feel much better and even excited about breast feeding." - Mom to Be
"The enthusiasm and knowledge. You turned something I feared failing at into something I am excited and confident to do." - Mom to Be
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