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Mama Bird Hendry Speakings

Want to hear Mama Bird share her knowledge, wisdom and understanding of the Mother Infant relationship?!

Check out the Interviews and Blogs Below to learn more about Mama Bird's Mission and Philosophy around topics such as: Skin-to-Skin Contact, Mother Infant Biological Needs and Expectations, Breastfeeding in the NICU, Attachment Parenting, Mother Infant Safe Sleep and so much more!

Mama Bird Conferences, Podcasts, Interviews & Blogs:
March 2023         Speaker, Stop! Don’t Take that Baby; Immediate skin to skin saves lives of premature babies,                                      Motherboard Birth Annual Summit
April 2023           Interview, Kangaroula & Kangaroo Mother Care, Baby Cafe Podcast
June 2021           Speaker, “Mother Infant Co-Regulation in the NICU”, Postpartum Support International
October 2020     Breastfeeding & Mother Infant Sleep w/ Mama Bird & WellMama

Sept. 2020           NICU Families and Breastfeeding & Lactation w/ Mama Bird and Dr. Witt BFMedicine NE Ohio
August 2020       Mama Bird Talks Boobies!, Made to Motivate Podcast
July 2020             Speaker, The Mother IS the NICU, United States Breastfeeding Committee Conference
March 2020         Pregnancy After Premature Birth, Interview with Dr. Gesecki, Delivering Strength Podcast

Feb. 2020            Interview, Breastfeeding in the NICU, Mothers Milk Bank CO
Jan. 2020             Interview, Breastfeeding in the NICU, Baby's Best Beginning, Stacy Nostine, IBCLC

Sept. 2019           Breastfeeding Basics, Interview with Dr. Gesecki, Delivering Strength Podcast
August 2019        Interview, Breastfeeding in the NICU, Project NICU
Feb. 2019            Speaker, MOM Conference, Museum of Motherhood, Manhattan College, New York, NY
Nov. 2018            Cleveland Eastside Moms: Meet-a-Mom Meet Madison 'Mama Bird' Hendry

August 2018        Mother Makers: 5 Questions with Artist, Madison Hendry
July 2018              Project Preemie: Madison- 'My Journey as a NICU Mom...
Oct. 2016             Museum of Motherhood: The Art of Making, Womb Project
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