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Gift Cards

The transition into motherhood is one of the most life changing experiences a woman can endure.  Mama Bird is Professionally Trained to offer evidence based information, provide resources, and consistent support during this transition.  By purchasing a "Mama Bird Gift Card", YOU are supporting breastfeeding and the health and well-being for both mom and baby.  Thank you so much for helping the common goal to protect the mother/infant relationship and for mom and baby to get off to the best possible start!

Mama Bird Gift Card Available for:

  • Private Prenatal Visit to Prepare Family and Home for Life After Birth

  • Private In-Home Breastfeeding Class

  • Private In-Home Birth Day Visit

  • Private In-Home Postpartum Visit 

E-mail Mama Bird with "Type of Gift Card" you want to purchase and I will create a Custom Gift Card for YOU! Contact 

Please Gift your "Mama Bird Gift Card" to expecting or new mama ASAP, as I love to connect with families to assist them throughout their journey into motherhood.  I reserve a time slot for Postpartum Visits for baby's due date.  As I keep in touch with families, we schedule the visit 3-5 days postpartum.

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