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Intentional work from a mother artist. 

“Everything I do, everything I cherish, everything that satisfies me; these things bring me comfort and protection, and yet I feel trapped by doctrine and imposed values.  In turn, I challenge myself to question my domesticated upbringing and the society in which I live by recreating memories that are often difficult to face.  I tear back layers from my façade to recapture these past experiences, which can be agonizing, yet it is inevitable that I continue.  This is catharsis.  The process results in an artifact; a residue of the original memory, replacing what was once stifling or painful.  I incorporate my own body as a canvas to push the boundaries of sexuality vs. maternity; shock vs. nurture. In my works, I utilize raw building materials usually hidden behind the walls such as: fiberglass insulation, air conditioning ducts and ventilation systems.   In contrast, I use domestic objects used within the context of daily routine such as: dining room chairs, kitchen utensils, and traditional women’s work such as: quilting, crochet and embroidery.  By combining materials that make up the home, with objects found within the home, I create an interior/exterior dialogue and in turn ask the viewer to question their own positions.” - Madison Hendry

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